The Making of “Kill the Buffalo”

Today I am going to talk about what went into creating my newest masterpiece, “Kill the Buffalo.” I’m super excited about it. Sometime last year, I began to notice people at work wearing lumberjack-style shirts. Affectionately called Buffalo Plaid, the design of these now-trendy shirts irked me. Why are all these people wearing such a stereotypically Canadian lumberjack pattern? I mean, it’s not an exceptionally good looking design. I don’t know, but they still do it, and that’s why I’m making a song about it.

These black and red checkered shirts are ruining society, I’m telling you. I don’t want to be judgmental about it, but it’s true. You guys can look like lumberjacks if you want. You be you. But there’s this song called “Kill the Buffalo” coming out soon, a song you deserve.

I wanted to include a preview of the track, but I’m going to hold off on doing that for now. It’s a pretty short song, but it’s awesome. All the parts are temporary (probably), but they sound really good, for real.

The drums are cool, the guitars are nice and heavy, there’s some cool keyboardy parts, I recorded real bass guitar, and even the vocal track is passable. I channeled my inner Wayne Static, and I think I succeeded for once.
Whether or not you will automatically enjoy the composition of “Kill the Buffalo,” I don’t know. But I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a better sounding song of mine. Whether it’s the fact that I solved some power outlet issues, that I multitracked the guitars, spent more times on programming the drums, or using headphones so there isn’t lots of audio bleeding, the recording sounds awesome.

The plan is to also produce a music video of sorts to accompany the release. I don’t want to put out a video unless it’s good, so I won’t make any promises on the video thing.

But yeah, be on the lookout for “Kill the Buffalo.” I’m excited about it, and maybe you will be too.

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