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Hopefully, if you’re reading this, you’ve likely listened to my new album. If you haven’t listened to it, or if you want to listen to it again, see this post. You can listen to it for free! You have no excuses! Then you can be on the same page as everyone else. After you’ve listened to the songs a time or two, please take the time to complete this poll. Just pick your top 3 favorite songs on the album. I feel like there ended up being a pretty big variety of songs on the album, and I want to know what songs people are leaning towards. Also, if you want to write a review of some sort, do it in the comment section below.

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4 thoughts on “Heat Stroke Listener Poll

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      Sorry for the late review. But, Hotter Than A Mothereffer, have to say, really loving it. The only thing that bugged me was the one slow part in the opening. It just feels like it messes with the fast pace of the rest of the song, besides the break towards the end which feels like it flows pretty well.
      Of course, next we have A Little Disco. The intro of it is just amazing, the lyrics seem to fit really well with the music. Overall, pretty freaking epic song. Only thing that bugged me was changing the second chorus, I feel like it would have been better to keep it the same as the first chorus, but still, my favorite song out of them all.
      Last but not least, Countdown To A Breakdown. The (Harmonica?) in the intro seems to flow well into the guitar intro, and keeps a good beat. I am more of a fan of the fast paced songs, and you did an awesome work with the album.
      In my opinion, not a fan of Novelty, although being interesting, not feeling it as part of the album too much. And also, I’m On Fire, it is okay, but, not feeling it too much. Other than that, like I said, this album was impressive overall, and was definitely worth the purchase.

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      Thanks for the review! It’s okay that it took you 3 weeks exactly to submit it. 🙂 For the songs you didn’t mention, did you just not have much of an opinion of those at all? Like, what did you think of “Wildfire,” which is by far the fastest and heaviest song on the album. In fact, I recorded it simply because I felt like the album wasn’t heavy enough sounding overall and also needed a faster song. It wasn’t the original intention at all, but there is quite a bit of variation among all the songs, I think.

      I’m going to post more about this sort of thing, either in the Heat Stroke Retrospective or another Random Blog Post, but I feel like the more guitar oriented songs I do aren’t as likeable. I haven’t received a ton of feedback on the album; I think I’ve only had 3 other people give any kind of opinion of the new songs other than you, but it seems like people aren’t into the guitar-heavy songs. They like “A Little Disco” and even “When Heck Freezes Over.” Maybe it’s just a coincidence and these people don’t like…whatever kind of music something like “Hotter Than a Mothereffer” is, but there does seem to be a pattern in that “Everyone I Know Is an Alcoholic” was arguably popular in Rock Band, and that’s another sort of dancey song.

      I don’t know. Like I said, I’m going to talk more about it in a future post on here, but even though I honestly make music for me (I’d say around half of my music has only been heard by me), it’s a little frustrating to know that the songs you spend the least amount of time on (the more electronic/no-guitar ones) get the most attention. I mean, I’m not complaining. I’m glad that anyone can find pleasure in any of the songs. That’s why I took the time and money to get these songs professionally mastered and distributed everywhere. But it almost makes me want to not do guitar type songs because they tend to take me longer to record.

      Here’s a question though: How much better do you like “A Little Disco” than “Countdown to a Breakdown?” I feel like both of those songs have a similar tempo and energy, but they don’t sound the same, to me at least.

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      Well, the album overall covers a variety of sounds, which makes it interesting and makes me believe that there is enough variety to appeal to anyone. Wildfire for instance, is great. I do enjoy guitar heavy songs, but I also like the neat sounds of A Little Disco and When Heck Freezes Over. I think that since Everyone I Know Is An Alcoholic and Around The World were not as guitar oriented, I think that is what people expected to hear more of. But, Electro Heaven had that more heavy guitar sound to it.

      I actually found myself loving the guitar to Hotter Than A Mothereffer. I think you would need to have many more people to give their opinions on their favorites from the album. Like you said, it can be a coincidence that all of them like that sort of dancey style and would not give you an accurate measure on what every likes from your album. But, of course, I have music ranging from Boston and Journey, to Joey Beltram and Daft Punk, to Ramms+ein…etc. So, just about anything will appease me.

      I am sure once more and more people listen to your album, more will lean towards the guitar oriented songs rather than the dancey style. And for A Little Disco versus Countdown To A Breakdown I do not think they sound the same. That sound from A Little Disco is just so dang neat, I love it. I find myself just constantly repeating it. The energy of the lyrics really help it out too, they seem to keep the pace of the song in tune. I honestly have to say, it just sounds unique to me, like, I could go through my 8,600+ songs and find nothing that relates to it. Just my two cents of course.

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      Hm. I guess I’m just trying to figure out exactly what it is about “A Little Disco” that people are liking. I like it myself, but I still don’t know exactly what it is about it. The strange thing is that that song was probably the quickest song to put together. Once I get the Heat Stroke Retrospective up, you’ll be able to hear the original version of it, when it had a lot of guitar in it. I’m curious to see how you think it compares with the final version.

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