Robby Suavé Is 20 Years Old, Pt. 3

The journey through my storied history returns! Let’s get back into it. 2007 was my first big year, and if you choose to keep reading, you’ll find out why, if you don’t already know. (If you’re new here, start at Part 1.)

Editor’s note: I’ve rewritten this paragraph a dozen times. I’ve concluded that I don’t remember 2005-2008 very well. I originally made a few statements here that I thought were facts, then included a link to the first entry of my Bringing Back Boobs, Butts, and Feets blog series from 2015. When I skimmed through that, I found contradictions to my current thought process and got all confused. I trust my 2015 memory about 2007 more than my current memory, so I’m just going to default to everything you can read there as being true. Follow that link if you want some in-depth information about recording that album and what it took to finally, officially releasing it in 2016.


If you read the last 2 entries of this blog series, you’d know I’ve been musically active for about 7 years by 2007. What I don’t think I disclosed before was that from 2001 to 2005, very little of the music I made was heard by anyone but me. I would burn CDs of random, poorly-produced songs of mine and have people listen to them, but I can count those people on 1 hand. Maybe half a hand. Whatever the case, I wasn’t satisfied enough with my stuff to think anyone else would enjoy listening to any of it. In 2007, that changed.

I’ll try to keep this musically focused rather than my personal life, but 2007 was a new year for me. I had distanced myself from someone from the Great White North and shortly after was essentially forced to work in another town. So yeah, a lot of stuff went down in that year, and not just the launch of Rock Band. Musically, I don’t think I recorded anything in 2007 for Boobs, Butts, and Feets. All I probably did was tweak mixes and move parts around for it. Kind of boring, but…that’s all it was, I think.

It would be nice to provide details, but I don’t even have any. I’m choosing not to reference my old blog series about BBAF, so I doubt I’m going to be able to add much concrete, trustable information. One angle I could add here is that in 2007, I was actively considering having a few of my new co-workers the album. To this day, of all my albums, of all titles of my albums, Boobs, Butts, and Feets has to be the riskiest bunch of songs to reveal.

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Robby Suavé Is 20 Years Old, Pt. 2


2004 began a mostly uneventful couple of years. In 2004, I began recording more songs for an album I called Euthanized that would have been released in 2005. The funny thing about that album is that it never really materialized minus a handful of demo-stage pieces. Those early versions of the songs that were intended for it were pretty good, I have to say. According to my files, the tracks that were to be on the album were “Indulge,” “Rutherford,” “You Always Leave,” and “Montezuma.” You’ll have to take my word for it, I guess, but the production quality was dramatically better than what you’d find on Campfire Tales. Still not good, but better.

Listen to “Montezuma” here. I forgot I liked this song. Hm.


I’ll call 2001-2005 the early years. That’s when I had no plans or even real interest in officially releasing my music. It was just something to do. Sometimes I’d burn songs onto a CD and give them to whoever would take them, but for the most part my music went unheard.

Even now, the sound quality of some of these guitar recordings sound good to me. The bass and guitar sound better in “Montezuma,” in some ways, than they do in my more recent stuff. And it just seems weird because nowadays I’m using a much fancier setup.

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Robby Suavé Is 20 Years Old!

Did you know that I’ve been recording music under the Robby Suavé moniker for 20 years now? Whether that’s good or not, I don’t know, but it’s true. It’s been a while since I’ve thought very deeply about my humble musical beginnings (or even middles), let alone written about them. But yes, it’s been 20 years, so let’s get into it. I’ll break this into parts so that you’re more likely to read all this stuff. Today, I’ll cover the first 3 years of me: 2001-2003.

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The Lost Tapes: “H.A.L.O.”

Nearly 15 years ago, Bungie, the developer of the first few Halo video games, ran a contest to win a Zune. (Side note: I loved Zune. The hardware was awesome, and I had much less trouble syncing my music in the Zune software compared to iTunes) The gist of it was to submit songs that were directly about or inspired by Halo, and I made and submitted a song for it called “H.A.L.O.” This is before Halo 3 came out, and I barely played Halo before Halo 3, to make that clear.

Anyway, I’d be lying if I said I totally forgot about the song I submitted for this contest; I think about it every so often. But I don’t remember the last time I actually listened to it. I didn’t even know if I had any of the stems lying around. Cut to a couple of days ago, and what do I find? The stems for my Halo song as well as various renders of the tracked song! Here’s the “mastered,” “CD quality” version. I imagine this is what I submitted to Bungie.

Robby Suavé – “H.A.L.O.”

As we listen to it now, it’s laughable to me that I thought it was ready to be submitted for a contest. The vocals are particularly bad. But there is something special about it. It was recorded after I was done recording Boobs, Butts, and Feets and before I started working on Modus Operandi. That’s actually a pretty long span of time when I wasn’t recording a whole lot.

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“Dungarees” Music Video

What?! Another music video?! Yes! I put out a video for “Ooh La La (Ooh La La La La La La)” at the launch of Somniphobia last year. I felt like doing another one. Most of the songs have about the same amount of marketable value, but I quickly settled on “Dungarees” being the next video.

Why did I choose “Dungarees?” I’m pretty sure the lyrics for “Dungarees” were the very first that I wrote for Somniphobia. So the song is special for at least that reason. On top of that, my vocal performance was almost passable, which is more than I can say for most of my songs. And for better or for worse, I was able to permeate it with a bunch of randomness in the choruses.

So once I decided on the song, it was time to brainstorm the visuals. The verses are mostly serious, and I could have had filmed new stuff , but I focused on the feeling the choruses gave me: random weirdness.

Nothing in the video was shot specifically for it. There’s a smattering of videos and still photos. I think the newest thing in there was from last fall, and the oldest thing was from 2008, maybe. On one hand, it felt cheap to repurpose all that content, but on the other hand it felt perfect. The lyrics in the choruses are silly and strange, so the pictures swapping in time to the music makes sense.

I’m still no expert at making videos, obviously, but I’m getting there. Between the failed “Kill the Buffalo” video, the “Ooh La La” video, now “Dungarees,” and a better PC setup, I am more equipped to do this.

Should I do more videos? Let me know here in the comments, on Twitter, or on my YouTube channel that you should subscribe to.

Somniphobia Links and “Ooh La La” Video

Did you know I put out a new album last week called Somniphobia? I did. In the past, I would scramble to put a post like this together on the release date. But between not really having time and wanting to some additional information together, I thought I’d wait a few days. First, let me give you some links.

iTunes/Apple Music

Listen to the album, follow/like/etc. my accounts there if you want. Somniphobia hasn’t been out even a week yet, so I don’t want to get into any stats on all that. But there is something I want to divulge some stats on…

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Pre-Order Somniphobia Now!

Somniphobia Cover

Boom! I’ll keep this short. My new acoustic album, Somniphobia, will hit the Internet October 16th! In the meantime, you can now pre-order now on iTunes and Bandcamp. Pre-ordering on Bandcamp will get you “Everyone I Know Is an Alcoholic (Acoustic)” immediately. I wanted to do the same thing on iTunes, but you can only do that for albums that have 11 or more songs. Somniphobia only has 10. :/

Or…you can just wait to stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever else on October 16h! Please be excited.